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I'm Tom Orbach, currently leading Growth Marketing at Wiz (the world's largest cybersecurity unicorn), while also teaching a few marketing courses at Reichman University. You might know me as the creator of the "Viral Post Generator"—a parody product that attracted 2M users & got acquired in less than a week. This granted me a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30, an honor I’m deeply thankful for.

What's your marketing niche, Tom?

I prefer to label it as “Unconventional Marketing”. I'm somewhat obsessed with the idea of taking frameworks from psychology & behavioral economics and applying them to marketing. There's so much more overlap than we realize. Growth Hacking is another term some might use, but I find it a tad gimmicky.

My goal here is to distill 10+ years of experience into TL;DR ideas that can help you get your product out there & grow your business. 

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